Terms and Conditions


1. Application to participate in this contest is solely your choice and no refund of funds paid or required of you as commitment to the contest.

2. You are to provide all the required information about yourself, if any of the information is found to be false, it will attract disqualification either as a contestant or as a Winner of the contest.

3. Obedience to instructions is paramount to the contest as all required instructions are expected to be followed to the letter without excuses.

4. Knowing this is a contest won’t deter the respect expected to be given the organisers both online and offline, hence, no verbal confrontation either in writing or as a voice note would be condoled, adequate action would be taken paradventure such happens.

5. The decision of the organisers as regards the methodology and pedagogy of the contest is final.

6. The contestants are to accept the results of the voting as it is automated and seen by all and at a time deemed fit by the organisers to bring the contest to conclusion.

7. The Winner’s prize is expected to be given the way deemed fit by the organisers with the Winner having fully agreed, in writing, to work with the brand as her ambassador within the one year of her reign.

8. The organisers have the full right and responsibility to decide on the operation(s) of the pageant queen within her one year reign and her compliance must be unabated.

9. Contestant must be Nigerian and must be aged 18 and above, less than that must get an approval from her guardian to fully participate in the contest.

10. By registering for the contest, you not only accept but also agree to these Terms and Conditions.