-Eminent Magazine coverage
-Eminent cinematography & photography
-Eminent ushers
-Eminent makeovers
-Event management

A page goes for N50,000 only for Event features
5 pages = N200,000
10 pages = N350,000
20 pages = N650,000
5 pages complimentary copy is 10
10 pages, 20
20 pages, 40
40% discount on the price rate of the magazine for more copies.
After the coverage, the client chooses the pictures he or she wants to be featured on the magazine and give titles to the needed pictures. Those pictures are first published online in our website blog with a good writeup and caption to the event while we await the print publication. The weblink is sent accross to all our elites and promoted on our social media accounts and sent same to our clients to do same.
Complete payment is made before that.

-Prewedding shoot
-Video coverage with drone plus few mins short thriller
-Synthetic photobook with calender and mini photobook
-3 wedding Picture Enlargements/portraits
-Zoom coverage (exclusively for those abroad or far distance)
– Free soft copies of the pictures and edited video on flash drive

N380,000 only

Added services to cover the Trad inclusive
Without drone coverage N350,000 only

Bridal makeover: N35,000
Asoebi’s and the rest: N5000 each

N8000 Per usher

-VIP Tent
-Red Carpet
The prices for these depends on the type of your demand.

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