The Iroko Has Added Another Branch

The Man, High Chief Ken Ifekudu, The Chairman/CEO, Diamond Leeds Ltd, Founder and Owner of one of the best Real Estate brands in Nigeria, Gold Reef Villa, is not an ordinary fellow but an Icon to reckon with among great Nigerian personalities.

His outstanding deeds and philanthropic gestures have endeared him with people that matter, making him an exemplary personality for integrity, honesty and kindness. In the construction business, he has distinguished himself as the number one in perfect and prompt job delivery.

Hence, Diamond leeds Ltd can arguably be said to be the best and most sought-after construction company in the federation. Their services can be sighted all over the country, even far beyond Abuja, where the company is headquartered.

He has won so many accolades both home and abroad that have proved him to be the best in all he does. His great deeds and service to humanity are so resounding that more accolades would not stop rolling in.

Recently, he was bestowed with a national honour as Officer of the Order of the Federal Republic (OFR). Given that the weight of his accomplishments and quality of job delivery is too heavy not to be felt across the federation, the Federal Government deemed it worthy to honour him in a special way, making him one of the very few Nigerians to have clinched such a title.

What this honour entails is that Great High Chief Kenneth Ifekudu, Agbalanze Onyekachukwu of Ozubulu is an Iroko when it comes to Federal Government contract jobs. He never stops to make impacts everywhere he finds himself, making him an Eagle whose wings one can completely rely on to soar above the skies.

As an outstanding personality whose presence translates to excellence, progress and happiness: we can now confidently address him as High Chief Kenneth Ifekudu, Agbalanze Onyekachukwu of Ozubulu (OFR).

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