“I will bring the Federal Government closer to the People of Anambra Central.” ~ Princess Barr Helen Mbakwe

A lot of women have risen to challenge men in the political arena of Nigeria against what it used to be in yesteryears. 

Amongst them is the delectable Princess Barr. Mrs Helen Ifeoma Mbakwe, the 2023 Candidate of NNPP for Anambra Central Senatorial District. 

She seriously believes that it is no longer going to be business as usual. 

Below is the chat she had with Eminent Magazine below. 

Briefly tell us about your background?

I am from the royal family of Igwe Anakwe of Umudunu Agbaja, Abatete, The Ogbueakatahi 1 of Abatete. A very powerful king.

What was your growing up like?

Being born into a royal family, my growing up was typical of that. Just royalty.

Briefly tell us about your parents.

My Dad was a very humble man and with a humble disposition, although he was extremely wealthy. 

My mother was a pretty God-fearing woman who groomed us in the ways of the Christian faith. This endeared us to church activities a lot. 

Being a lawyer, was it part of your childhood dreams?

Sure, it was.

I have always looked out for people, especially the downtrodden and people that are being intimidated back then. Being a voice for the voiceless.

Also the fact that I was given to interrogating any preconceived notion; I mean perceptions not based on facts: where people simply believed in things because everybody else believed in them. 

I usually question/interrogate popular beliefs or perceptions or preconceived notions…simply put: I believe there are several ways of looking at things and that’s just what Law does.

Then my Mum would always envisage that I would be a lawyer; I questioned laid down rules. I was always inquisitive about things, scenarios and circumstances. 

And lo, I just naturally grew into Law. 

What’s the inspiration behind your contest for the Anambra Central District Senatorial Seat?

The people, that is We the governed do not get even the minimum dividends of democracy. 

The politicians do not have the interest of the people they represent at heart. 

It has been deceit all the way. There is no visible commitment from the people representing the Central Senatorial District all these years. There has been no accountability.  

I am running for office to change that narrative. 

I will demonstrate visible commitment in the discharge of the duties and responsibilities of a Senator.  I will be accountable and transparent in the way and manner constituency funds are utilised.  I will not take recourse to public funds. 

It is legally and morally wrong to abuse the privileges of an office or position. 

I saw how much people plus myself yearned for good governance. It’s something I can do. 

I want to bring the Federal Government and the dividends of Democracy closer to the people. Not what we are seeing now. 

I will totally revamp our Nursery, Primary and Secondary Schools to great standards. 

I want to help our youths with job options and help give them direction, hope and a purposeful life. 

I’m here to empower our mothers and help us to look forward to tomorrow. 

To strengthen our men to have confidence on their ability to provide for their families. 

To better the life of our grannies that they may have hope and the desire to live longer. 

To create joy for us all using the works of the Government all around us and near us. 

I’m in this to seriously work until I set up a new Anambra Central that everyone will behold and appreciate as the dividends and presence of our new Federal Government will be visible in our new Anambra Central. 

You have gathered a lot of Philanthropic and Entrepreneurial accolades and awards across the world.

Even recently you got awarded another as the Entrepreneur Woman of the Decade. What do they mean to you?

They mean a lot to me. 

I’m glad people actually see my work and the reward for good work is more work. 

So I want to get to the Senate to do more and more for my people.

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