How To Cope With Dry Season

How do you cope with dry season?!

Dry season is a season of lack or insufficiency, a season where we eat or have finished eating our harvest.
Economically one can actually prepare for this time at least see food and material things to survive. But Spiritually it can go both ways. Meanwhile what I am talking about is beyond climatic changes but our seasons of life.

How do you cope with that season?

  1. Thanksgiving
    Be thankful you still have the provision to survive, to even cope or to even read this text, no matter how little you have, it just means there’s hope! A gladden mind produces great results but a sorrowful mind produces anxiety, worry, anger, confusion etc. hence, you just need to be thankful and keep working at your best.
    Remember, God promises to bless the works of our hands, in and out of season😊🙏

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Enjoy your day and be blessed cos’

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